IGORA EXPERT MOUSSE 8-77 3.2 oz. COPPER color refresher/conditioner

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Perfect for refreshing light coppers



Perfect for refreshing light coppers

IGORA EXPERT MOUSSE Conditioner/Color Refresher Semi-Permanent-Mousse-Colour-is perfect for refreshing light coppers. Tone is RICH COPPER. Please refer to the color chart for recommended shades for your hair. If you have a high percentage of white/gray hair please consider this as your base and choose your color accordingly.

This Color will truly wash out of your hair WITHOUT leaving a line of demarcation. Which means it is TRULY PERFECT FOR DOING THE FOLLOWING:

•1st time application – experimentation

•An excellent tool and way to apply mousse is with the Sponge. Use Sponge to apply the mousse to hair

•gray coverage without committing to hair color (yet)

•Toning for beautiful no commitment colour and shine

•Hair glossing to intensify the natural base colour

•Neutralization for perfect blondes and greys

•Color correction


•Colour refreshment for superb colour shine and condition

•Conditioning color mousse

•Adds brilliant shine

•Lasts up to 8 washes

•Up to 20% white coverage

•Keeps hair in perfect condition

•Versatile usage

•Convenient application, even without a brush

•All shades are intermixable

•Easy to dose for zero waste

•Especially handy for quick color corrections at the backwash

It’s simple to use. You wash your hair, dry it a bit with a towel, shake the bottle and then apply this mousse.

If you leave it on 3-5 minutes, it’s a colour refreshing and conditioning mousse. If you leave it on between 15-20 minutes, it’s an intensive colour treatment. Please do be careful. I noticed that my hands look really red after applying this, so don’t touch anything if you want to avoid stains. I wash my hands right after applying the mousse and leave it in for about 15 minutes. Also, make sure not to wear your favorite clothes. Even if your hair is towel dried, it might still drip a bit and you don’t want to get stains all over your prettiest shirt.

After the 15 minutes rinse until the water runs clear